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1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose GTR 2005 Skyline GT Premium axcela5 R1

Business Basics

Newcomers, welcome!
Japanese Auto Auctions offers vehicle export and auction management services for those looking for second hand vehicles for export from Japan. With our automated bidding system, we help you locate and purchase the cars you want. You will have access to over 150,000 vehicles a week coming from auctions all around Japan, far more than you'll find with other Japan car dealers. You will also have us on hand to manage your bids in the actual auction and be sure you get the vehicles you’re after. After purchase, we of course see to the speedy delivery of your used cars from Japan.

The best way to understand the bidding process is to try it. We've set up a trial auction section where you can do just that without worrying about hitting the wrong button and mistakenly buying a boatload of Leyland P76s. There is also enough explanation along the way to, we hope, make it all clear and easy. If not, we're always here to answer your questions. Whether you've tried other used car dealers in Japan or are new to the bidding process, we're ready and willing to help.

Basically, once you hit the order button for any car in a real auction, you've engaged us to do all we can to get the cars you've chosen. Once a firm bid is in, we will be taking a look at the car and going over its spec sheets. If we see any potential problem or have any special advice that should influence your bid price, we contact you immediately. Otherwise, your bid stands. There's no need to deal with separate Japanese used car importers. On the order sheet, you will find a space for comments in which you can stipulate any purchase conditions you might have. For example: "I have set bids for four Pajeros, but only need two of the four".

Security fee and cancellation policy

For new customers, we ask for a one hundred thousand yen (about 850 US dollars) or 10% of your first order vehicles cost as a security deposit which must be in our hands before Auction time. This deposit is fully refundable on demand at any time, but is usually deducted from your first purchase. Should a deposit refund be demanded after a cancellation, there may be some deductions made for expenditures. Our participation in any auction on your behalf runs into costs. A post auction cancellation runs into serious costs since cars must be immediately transported off the Auction hall yard. For us, part of our effort to give you efficient service, something we take very seriously, is getting the cars to their point of departure directly and without delay. When we get a post auction cancellation we basically have to undo anything we have done: in some cases, custom clearance, bill of lading, transport, yard and auction fees, ...right back to selling the car again.

As we are a verified PayPal seller we can accept deposits of Y100,000 using PayPal's peace of mind service thus giving you extra security about sending money overseas. Click on the logo for further information. Final full payment for vehicles however must done by bank transfer unless you are willing to pay the PayPal 3% surcharge.

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New Accounts
Once you have checked out our demo auction and feel you are ready to purchase, please go to the “new accounts” section and fill out the form there. We will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.

Because we provide a demo auction, we assume that people who apply for a login and password intend to participate in order to purchase cars. Therefore, we will be asking for your security deposit as part of registration. The whys and wherefores of the security deposit are explained above, but never hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

Our Fee
We charge 70,000 yen plus 5% of vehicle auction cost per vehicle while maintaining a minimum fee of 85,000 yen. This fee covers all handling charges FOB: add it to the price of the car and that will be your total cost from the Japan side. It does not include overseas shipping charges.

In some special cases, we will need to ask for more to cover additional expenses incurred.

Basic expenses to be covered are:

auction fee Y10,000 [to Y20,000]
inland transport Y5,000
[to Y45,000 depending on location]
customs clearance
& loading
our commission Y45,000

One special case would be, for example, if the car is purchased in Hokkaido (as far north in Japan as you can get) and we are facing maximum transport charges of Y45,000 to get your car to port. If you just take a look at the "basic expenses" above, we think you can understand the necessity for asking for a little more. Needless to say, most of the auctions are not only farther south but occur in port towns where we can keep these transport charges low. So, transport charges are a definite variable, but not a big worry.

Post Auction Payment in Full
Once a car has been purchased for you at auction, we will be sending you an invoice and will need payment within one week. Customs clearance and loading will be undertaken only on receipt of payment in full. Prompt payment = prompt shipment.

We have included a list of "average" shipping costs for reference. We can work with your preferred freight agent or arrange the shipping for you. In general, as mentioned above, we work FOB, free on board, paying all the charges up to the boat on your behalf. In any case where a CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight are covered) shipment is arranged by our services and we must also advance these overseas shipping charges, this amount will be added to the " Post Auction Payment in Full ".

Please be aware that you will be paying your own country's customs charges and taxes on arrival.