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2001 BMW 318ti super low kms

Super low km BMW 318ti in new condition, full service history, super cheap!

From time to time we find little gems in the auction, genuine one lady owner with almost no kms. This little BMW 318ti is one such car. 2001 model with 4,135kms. Before you scoff that it’s obviously been wound back, check the grade 4.5 with A interior. Then further down read the auction sheet, nine dealer service records with kms noted and dated. Add the registration certificate with kms noted at shaken and it all adds up to a genuine car.

Sure this BMW318ti is 14 years old but it’s virtually a new car that just happens to have been driven very little and serviced regularly despite the low kms. And it has everything, power steer, power windows, alloy wheels, airbags and climate control air conditioning!

How much, well it went to auction a couple of times and the best bid which it passed in at was Y155,000 or around US$1300. These days in most countries the only thing you can buy for that sort of money is a clapped out old junker!

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